Introducing the new Hybrid Infinity Mutiplayer Roulette

We are blurring the lines between live and automatic roulette games offering scalable and reliable machines. Let your players use up to four live and automatic wheels.


Lifestyle Multiplayer Poker

iStyle Multiplayer Roulette

U-Boot Multiplayer Roulette

Infinity II Slant-top Roulette

Infinitygames promises to reduce operational costs, increase income per square meter and enhance safety for casino operators.

Download the InfinityGames brochure. See the Infinity Slant-Top in action.

Human and Machine Croupiers

Platform for mixing art, entertainment and gaming, providing exciting elements of the casino environment with a competitive atmosphere, shared emotions and social interaction. They are able to create the atmosphere and excitement of a live table, yet retain the privacy and ease-of-use of a slot. Catch the younger generation of online player to the casino/gaming hall.

Unique Real-Time Experience

This desire to offer such choice and flexibility is driving the  development of the multiplayer concept, bringing together what were  previously thought of as distinctly separate categories of games. The  blurring of the lines between live and automatic table games, and now  slots play, is expected to usher in a new generation of feature-rich gaming machines that combine the best of each.

High-Tech Luxury Products

World-class live game plus personal service with a difference. Industrial designed with a focus on player comfort and enhanced entertainment capabilities. Fits neatly between live games and slots and are helping to reinvigorate both. Fewer security threats, Higher hold, Lower labor costs, more games per hour.

We are looking for distributors and sales agents!

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