Multi Player Roulette Infinite Choices for Operators

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Multi Player Roulette - MPXX

Multi Player Roulette - MP12/3

Multi Player Roulette - MP8, MP10, MP12

Sales & Marketing

With our expertise in the gaming market and the flexibility that the product range of INFINITYgames offers, we are proud to offer you the best and most suitable multiplayer product for your operation. 




Kristof Szucs

International Sales Manager 

Hafenstraße 47-51

4020 Linz, Austria

mob. 0043 699 17772537



Szasz-Revai Endre

Szasz-Revai Endre

Business Development Manager

Hafenstraße 47-51

4020 Linz, Austria

mob. 00 43 699 17736373