Multi Player Roulette Infinite Choices for Operators

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Infinity Lifestyle Poker

Infinity LifeStyle Poker

Poker has always been a popular card game. But now, thanks to the media coverage surrounding it with events such as the World Series of Poker, it has become more attractive and fuelled the imagination of a wider range of players and spectators. The association that it has with the corporate world, including global tournaments with lavish prizes, contributes towards something that, until recently, was not easily accessible to the public.

Behind is the image of the poker room shown in the western movies, today, poker has become a mass phenomenon where players are mainly young, intellectually able, with great coolness and statistical capacity to know when bluffing.

Advantages for Operators

  • Maximum flexibility through easy configuration for Unlimited and Pot Limited Texas Hold’em Poker, both in Cash and Tournament version
  • Secure poker card squeeze feature
  • High usability and low maintenance
  • Reduced labour costs, increased game speed and automated operation
  • Eliminates operating errors and player disputes.

Operator Benefits

  • Life Style Multipoker with ergonomic design comparable to live tables
  • Various colour options available
  • Colour schemes and trimmings according to customer specifications

Advantages for Players

Perfect blend of table gaming entertainment with the security and speed of electronic game play
Increased ease of play through easy touch screen interface
Stunning high resolution 3D-graphics

Live Card Handling

Infinity LifeStyle Poker Live Handling

One of the latest venture is the, InfinityLifeStylePoker 10 table, with which a company takes up the challenge to find the best technological innovation in the casinos and amusement arcades, bringing a technology solution with wide acceptance.

The electronic poker offers innovative advances in manufacturing, such as touch screens, LCD monitor that emulates the figure of virtual dealer, 10 game positions and allows players to access to the most famous version of Poker, Texas Hold'em. It is without doubt an intermediate way for Internet player to practice live game if they go to casino.

Technical Specifications

  • Latest SAS protocol for different online systems
  • Casino and GLI standard secure metal cabinet
  • Well tested long life circle industrial components
  • Proved and tested software architecture
  • Infinity Texas Hold’em Poker

This magnificent table, presents an exciting and hugely popular multiplayer concepts for maximum community gaming fun for ten players.

Can be configured according to customer requirements with regards to cabinet and table colours and trimmings, table cloth colours and software options.

Popularity: INFINITYgames’ Multipoker plays the popular Texas Hold’em Poker game. Texas Hold’em Poker can be played either as cash game or in tournament mode with the possibility of adjusting all the settings like a live game, e.g. buy-in, late registration, re-buy and other settings.

Profitability: INFINITYgames’ Multipoker is more profitable than any live table poker could ever be. In operation 24 h per day, 7 days per week without dealer changes, sick leave and holidays, this electronic table seats 10 players and is able to play at least 50% more hands per hour than any live poker table – around the opening hours of your casino. And the rake and maximum limit of the rake are fully adjustable by the operator.

Games Available Now on INFINITY Multipoker

    Texas Hold’em No Limit
    Texas Hold’em Pot Limit
    Texas Hold’em Tournament Style

User-friendly service menu allows for quick machine configuration

Card handling comparable to live poker

Tournament option


  • Supports the latest SAS protocol
  • Intelligent design to support various player interfaces
  • Supports the Atronic CHIP CASH™ system

Player Appeal

  • Large 19” high resolution LCD monitor with all necessary game information visible at all times
  • 40” LCD screen for common cards
  • Brilliant 3D graphics create excitement

Player Experience

  • Touchscreen betting for a dynamic and interactive game
  • Multi value chip bet for multiple betting choices