Multi Player Roulette Infinite Choices for Operators

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Multi Player Roulette - MPXX

Multi Player Roulette - MP12/3

Multi Player Roulette - MP8, MP10, MP12

Infinity U-Boot

Opportunity to increase player lifetime value by a factor of three. The next generation multi player roulette system is the Infinity U-Boot, an innovative machine that offers three bi-directional fully automatic roulette wheels surrounded by 14 betting terminals.

These three wheels offer the players the possibility to simultaneously place the bet on three different roulette wheels. For the operator, the advantage is obvious – simultaneous betting can only mean increased turnover!

Cabinet & Security Features

  • Robust all-steel cabinet construction for enhanced security
  • Colour schemes and trimmings according to customer specifications 
  • Each door is locked by two independent locks requiring two separate attendant keys
  • Each door is also guarded by independent inter-lock sensors disabling game play in case of intrusion
  • Secure read-only irreproducible RFID cards

Technology Aspects

  • State-of-the art technology
  • Use of high-quality components to guarantee long-term stable and error free operation
  • Individual game-box (industrial computer) in each terminal guarantees maximum uptime

  • Supports various languages (English, Italian and German), other languages on request
  • RFID cards for attendants and operator control
  • User-friendly service menu allows for quick machine configuration Connectivity · Supports the latest SAS protocol
  • Intelligent design to support various player interfaces
  • Supports ticketing

    • Supports the Atronic CHIP CASH™ system Features
    • Large 22” high resolution Touch LCD monitor for player convenience
    • Brilliant 3D graphics create excitement
    • Excellent digital sound attracts surrounding patrons

    A Unique Offering

    • The ultimate form of profitability
    • Use 3 fully automatic roulette wheels

    Key Benefits for Operators

    • Touchscreen betting for a dynamic and interactive game
    • Multi value chip bet for multiple betting choices
    • Countdown for remaining betting time
    • Screen-in-screen technology to display the roulette wheel 
    • Permanent display statistics of last winning numbers, cold and hot numbers 
    • Race Track betting screen

    Key Benefits for Players

    • All the benefits of the live roulette inclusive racetrack bet, finals, comfortable from his gaming station, offering more privacy
    • Player-selectable language and chip values
    • The best-looking, most enjoyable auto-Roulette in the world
    • Fast, exciting game play with the ball visible at all times to reassure players of the wheel’s integrity
    • Lower minimum bets, so more customers play for fun.