Multi Player Roulette Infinite Choices for Operators

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Multi Player Roulette - MPXX

Multi Player Roulette - MP12/3

Multi Player Roulette - MP8, MP10, MP12

Infinity Hybrid Roulette

Infinity Hybrid Roulette

Infinity Hybrid is a Semi-automated game. This new platform offers players the ability to place wagers through play stations, while the game is conducted on one automated wheel and one live wheel operated by a croupier. This compact and modern Infinity hybrid Roulette game is designed for 14 players and can be easily integrated into any casino floor.

Players can play more tables at the same time on a terminal directly, and are able to choose the roulette Table/Wheel they like without having to move. This adds a new level of convenience and choice for players who are looking to experience multiple table options on the same machine.

Our strategy is always to be on the forefront of everything new and to offer the best that gaming industry has to offer.

The main changes in recent years have been technical developments that allow for improved operational flexibility, greatly increased player choice and ease of play, while delivering a truly live game experience.

A massive revenue opportunity that keeps on growing

Our Hybrid version of the world's most popular casino table game is the ultimate world-class Roulette experience on the casino. Now more customers, old and new, can take their comfortable seats and place their bets from their gaming station.

The game experience is as realistic and engaging as it gets. There's the real-time interaction with a live professional croupier, the live spinning of the wheel, the suspense as the wheel slows and the ball lands on a lucky number.

A Unique Offering

  • Massive multiplayer scalability for virtually limitless revenue opportunity

Key Benefits for Operators

  • Proven to reactivate lapsed customers and attract new customers from online casino Incremental profit – without cannibalizing existing business.
  • The last and perhaps the most important fact is that Infinity Hybrid eliminates chip fraud and human error, as most of the process is automated.
  • Optional 22’’ vertically format LCD Billboard results display

Key Benefits for Players

  • World-class live Roulette, streamed to players gaming stations
  • Blend of live action, optimized betting interface and faster game replicates playing in a real casino
  • A real-time, shared and interactive gaming experience
  • All the benefits of the live roulette inclusive racetrack bet, finals,  comfortable from his gaming station, offering more privacy
  • Features such as History and Statistics to enrich players enjoyment.
  • Player-selectable language and chip values