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Lange Nacht der Forschung

Lange Nacht der Forschung mit innovativen Roulettelösungen – Eintritt frei

Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen im Softwarepark Hagenberg öffnen im Rahmen der „Langen Nacht der Forschung“ am 27. April von 17:00 – 23:00 Uhr Tür und Tor und präsentieren unter dem Motto „Bits, Bytes & Brains – Geht wirklich nichts ohne Software?“ neueste Software-Entwicklungen und Forschungsergebnisse zum Angreifen für Groß und Klein.

INFINITYgames zeigt, wie führende Software und Mechatronik in Spielcasinos genutzt werden können: Sie erleben,  bidirektionale Roulettekessel mit Microsofts serverbasierter Technologie, vernetzt mit der ergonomischen Infinity2 Designe Spielkonsole.

Am Freitag haben Sie die Chance als einer der ersten die Kugel in diesen elektromechanischen Roulettekesseln rollen zu lassen.

Wir von INFINITYgames freuen uns, Ihnen diese Innovationen am 27. April im Rahmen der „Langen Nacht der Forschung“ in Hagenberg präsentieren zu dürfen. Sie finden uns im „amsec-Gebäude“ (Erdgeschoß, gegenüber der Bar): Softwarepark 37, 4232 Hagenberg. Softwarepark-Zufahrt 3, Parken im Gebäude des amsec. Eintritt frei!

Seien Sie unser persönlicher Gast und machen Sie Ihr Spiel.

Success of Infinity’s new Infinity 2 Slant Top @ ICE 2012

InfinityGames Slant Top Roulette at ICE 2012

January 28, 2012

We introduced the Infinity 2 Slant Top at the ICE 2012 exhibition. With its launch we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting Infinity at ICE 2012 and share some photos with you. It was nice to hear the compliments for the new product and the testimonials from Casinos for existing roulettes.

Thanks for Cammegh for the outstanding Stand and the friendly atmosphere. See you again next year!

Welcome to Infinity @ ICE 2012

ICE Totally Gaming

January 12, 2012

We are happy to inform you, that InfinityGames will present its new multiplayer solution at ICE Totally Gaming 2012 (Earls Court exhibition Center London).

You can find us on stand 3312 together with Cammegh.

Although we appreciate the long tradition of the British Brewery, “just in case” we bought some Freistädter beer with us to share.

See you there!

Kristof Szucs, International Sales Manager at InfinityGames

January 02, 2012

InfinityGames, the Austrian manufacturer of multiplayer gaming systems, announced today that is has named Kristof Szucs International Sales Manager.

In his new role, Kristof Szucs will contribuite to the international sales activities for InfinityGames. Kristof brings nearly 20 years of experience in the gaming industry to this new position, having worked in various sales, marketing and Managing Director roles. “I’m very pleased with this choice”, comments Kristof.

“I enjoy the challenge to be working for an ambitious manufacturer. I liked the products at first sight and am looking forward to selling them to casinos across Europe.”

Laszlo Opris, CEO of INFINITYgames, adds:

"The time is now right to intensify our sales activities and to become a prominent player in the market of Multiplayer gaming systems. It is a pleasure to welcome Kristof’s background in the gaming industry into our team."

InfinityGames launches new website

InfinityGames Website

December 20, 2011

InfinityGames, the Austrian manufacturer of multiplayer gaming systems, announced today that they launched their new website

Following the positive result for the second generation of slant top cabinet Infinity 2 , InfinityGames have developed a new Corporate Identity that is in line with the company’s ambition to become one of the key players in the area of multi player gaming systems. The characteristics of the company, namely flexibility, modularity and profitability, are portrayed in InfinityGames’ new website.

Laszlo Opris, CEO of INFINITYgames, comments:

"I am very pleased with the look & feel of the new site. I believe that the site communicates all the values that InfinityGames stand for. Most importantly, it gives visitors a comprehensive overview of our products, their features and the benefits for the players and operators."