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Product quality is a top priority for Infinitygames. We maintain the highest of standards, not only in the production of our own products and the development of our hardware/software, but also in the selection of all products we add to our range.

There are two fundamental reasons for this:

  • As a new player on the market it would be disastrous to sell inferior quality products.
  • We use our solutions at Casino Austria in neighborhood

1. Product made in Austria

We are proud to be able to say that every one of our core products is “Made in Austria".
Production in Asia or the East would probably be cheaper, however, it would not be sustainable, or meet our quality standards.

2. Our responsibility

We always take full responsibility for our Infinitygames products. Therefore, all our hard and software are developed in-house. The design, construction, mechanic and assembling are made in cooperation with well know and establish companies from our surrounding area.

3. Product test

Each product is thoroughly tested in our laboratory before leaving our house. Here, not only the pure "electrics output" is checked but also the software and logic functions.

  • Each input and output will be reviewed and subjected to several switching operations.
  • The firmware is uploaded and launched and a testing program is started.
  • The software logic is subjected to a semantic test
  • The result: no one unit was returned as defective.

4. First use THEN sell

Our decision to take a product into our range is not made by looking at the trade mark or the rhetorical skills of a seller, but simply by proving it fulfills our expectations in the tests and the operation.
Our most recommended products in used in Austria well.

5. Our satisfied customers are our confirmation

Satisfied customers are world's most recognized seal of quality. At this point we would like to thank all the customers for the feedback we have received since we started the company. Your enthusiasm and satisfaction has encouraged us to develop and improve our products. Many thanks to all customers and partners involved in our Infinitygames vision.