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About Infinitygames

Infinitygames was founded on the principles of innovative thinking and world-class customer service.

Infinitygames  is a pioneer in the field of premium multiplayer gaming systems. We offer proven, customized solutions that are sure to make you investment grow. Infinitygame's breakthrough products include:  Multiplayer Automatic & Hybrid roulette and Multiplayer electronic Poker table.

Laszlo Opris

Laszlo Opris

Laszlo Opris, the founder and CEO of INFINITYgames, has a passion for technology and innovations. Driven by the vision to supply the very best Multi Player Systems to the gaming industry, Laszlo is unstoppable in his drive to make this vision come true.

"I’ve always been fascinated by developing gaming systems that players can’t resist. It’s this ambition together with a passion for product excellence that made me start INFINITYgames."

Johann Vorwagner

Johann Vorwagner

Johann Vorwagner is the company’s CFO.

“It’s the feedback of our customers that really drives me. When I started, I hadn’t been very familiar with the casino business, but I quickly started to appreciate its diversity and professionalism .

Compliance with applicable law

100% committed to regulatory and legal compliance.

Infinitygames is 100% committed to regulatory and legal compliance in all its markets. This commitment is supported by our provision of a world-class software platform for casinos and with games that deliver ethical and honest gaming and gambling solutions of the highest standard.

We validate our core technologies with independent testing laboratories and all equipment are GLI standard.

Responsible Gaming

Infinitygames recognizes that problem gambling is a societal issue that cannot be ignored. As a manufacturer of gaming equipment for entertainment purposes, Infinity believes that it is incumbent upon all stakeholders in the gaming industry to take a pro-active approach to problem and underage gambling. Therefore, it is Infinitygames mission to promote responsible gaming to our employees, our customers and the public at large, and to supporting those agencies and programs committed to researching, preventing and treating problem gaming.
If you think you might have a gambling problem, call your local Counseling services for help.

Players must be of legal age to play.